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1. Question: How many teams have registered in my age group so far – I want to be sure that the division is competitive or not too competitive?

Answer: LI Futsal will provide and publish a list of teams that have registered usually in November and a list of tentative bracket alignments will be published soon after registration closes. Coaches will have some time to review and comment on the alignments (adjustments to the brackets will be made based on coach comments) prior to the league starting the scheduling process.  So, my recommendation to all inquiries of this nature, is to register your team as soon as you make the decision to play futsal for the Winter season, and indicate that you will “pay by check” when asked for the payment solution on-­‐line. This way, there is absolutely no financial risk for the team, but does reserve your spot and allows LI Futsal to start aligning divisions as well as publish the list of registered teams sooner. If too many teams waited until they were sure of the competition level, we would have great difficulty aligning divisions and teams may get closed out – so signing up early actually enhances the competition level throughout the league – it is a Win – Win situation for all!

Also, Long Island Futsal is now one of the largest futsal leagues in the country (thanks to you!), and as a result, we have consistently have had multiple divisions in the same age group.

2. Question: Can you guarantee that our team will play back to back games every week and how and when do I make schedule requests?

Answer: Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee (but we do come pretty darn close) back to back games as there are so  many “sister teams” that register in each group, that it becomes mathematically impossible.   However, we do our best to accommodate this request and do meet them a great percentage of the time. Schedule requests/conflicts or any other special requests must be entered on-­‐line with your team’s registration.  The requests must be put in before the deadline (usually a few  days before we start the scheduling process – the deadline date   for requests will provided to       you when your receive your  teams  registration  email  confirmation


       CONSIDERATION. Even if you had previously e-mailed us, talked with LI Futsal staff or any other type of  

       communication regarding a conflict or request , IT NEEDS TO BE ENTERED HERE (ON-LINE) OR IT WILL NOT




If you have no conflicts or coach multiple teams, put NA in the box., put N/A in the "Conflict Comments" box. Requests for schedule changes after the deadline will only be considered only if there is gym space available and the opposing teams agrees.

3. Question: Why does a “sister team” have to pay the league team registration fee?

Answer:  The “sister team” concept which was incorporated into the league several years ago, was done to allow coaches to move players from one of their teams to another on a week to week basis.This made it easier for coaches to split their outdoor team into two or more futsal teams without a concern for: a) who they would permanently roster on each team for the whole futsal season, and b) the concern of one futsal team being short one week not being able to borrow players from their sister team. This concept also allowed high school and club teams in the same age group to roster players on both teams  Coaches throughout the league have been overwhelmingly in favor of this change, as they felt (as do I) that the Winter futsal season is primarily about development, and getting the players touches on the ball. 

LI Futsal does, however, offer discounts to clubs or trainers that register five or more teams.

Also, players only pay the player registration fee once, no matter how many futsal teams they are on.

This year both sister teams will be receive a $25 per team discount.

4. Question: What is the player registration fee and what does it cover?

Answer: The player registration seasonal fee is $9.50 per player and covers the registration and insurance of players with Eastern New York State Soccer Association.

5. Question: What days, locations and times will my team be playing this season?

Answer: We can give general answers to these questions i.e. the older (U13 and above) will play in the larger gyms or the younger age groups usually start first in the day.

Since, we try to follow the same format as the previous year; it may be helpful to look at last year’s schedule (but that is not a guarantee either).  We will make an attempt to provide days and locations as soon as we have all the gym requests approved by the school districts.


Makeups due to school cancellations or other re-­‐   schedules (request submitted) may very possibly on an opposite day you are not scheduled to play – due to school availability and it is very difficult to schedule a make-­‐up on the same day as your typical playing day due to both team   having to “double up” (play two games in one day) – so please be prepared     for  that possibility

6. Question: Can a team play their game without submitting a roster or can a player play without being on the roster and registered (waiver signed and paid)?

Answer:  Long Island Futsal must stay in compliance regarding registered teams and players being verified prior to each game. If a team does not have a printed roster to submit to the referee prior to the game, the team must then complete and submit a hand copy.  A report will be made by the referee and submitted to the League for review.  Teams that do not a roster  will have one point deducted from the standings. Passes are NOT required.

7. Question:  Do teams have to pay the referees fees?

Answer:   NO, the referees are paid by the Long Island Futsal League.

8.  Question: What is the deadline for submitting requests and/or conflict dates?

Answer: The deadline for submitting requests is December 4, 2018 – the request must be made using the on-­‐line registration  form  –  NOT by email.

9. Question: Are there games scheduled on Super Bowl and Winter Recess weekends?

 Answer: Yes to both questions – although we will finish the games on Super Bowl Day by 4 pm – and games that would normally be played 4 pm or later, will be made up during the regular schedule.

10. Question:  Are coaches required to have a background check?

Answer:   Yes, all coaches are required to have a current background check on file with ENYSSA.

11. Question:    What about weather cancellations?

 Answer: Games may be cancelled due to the weather and/or if the school district closes the school district for any reason. Please check the website and your email in the event of questionable weather. We will also call those teams that are scheduled to play the early morning games.  Make-ups for cancelled games will be scheduled based on school availability - most likely the season will be have to extended a week.  There are NO refunds for cancelled games.

  1. Question: What are the rule differences between outdoor soccer and futsal and what are the rules for Long Island Futsal?

Answer: The complete list of rules as well the differences between outdoor soccer and futsal as well the specific Long

Island Futsal rules are posted on the LI Futsal website on the Documents Page.

Please take the time to read all the rules and additional points of emphasis posted on the website.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any other questions or suggestions

Thank you - John Branca or 631‐790-‐7481


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